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Diverse colors, long service life, cheap construction

Apr 19, 2018

Cement tiles, actually referred to as colored cement tiles, are also called color tiles and cement tiles. Because the raw material used is cement, it is often referred to as cement tile. The product is formed by high pressure filtration through high quality molds. Therefore, the finished product has high density, high strength, good anti-rain and antifreeze performance, and a smooth surface and accurate dimensions. Colored cement tiles are diverse in color, have a long service life, and are inexpensive. It applies not only to ordinary houses, but also to the waterproof insulation of high-end villas and high-rise buildings. Therefore, colored cement tiles are the new choice for the construction of a new socialist countryside and the construction of urban communities and high-end villas.

1. It is a concrete member, high strength, good compactness, low water absorption and long life. Due to the large area of tile, the amount of cover per unit area is much less than that of clay tiles and glazed tiles. Therefore, the weight of the tiles used per unit area is much lighter, and the efficiency of the tiling is also high.

2. It only needs to be maintained at about 40°C without high-temperature roasting, so the deformation is minimal, and the roof is flat and beautiful.

3. Variety of tile types, production equipment and craftsmanship, colorful tile color can be arbitrary, not only can be made of a single surface, a variety of colors superimposed on the surface, you can also make the whole body monochrome and all-in-one mixed camouflage, to the building Designer endless choices.

4. A layer of sealant is sprayed on the surface of the tile to prevent secondary efflorescence on the concrete surface. This kind of sealant generally has anti-mildew and self-cleaning effect, so that the surface of the tile can not be black for a long period of time, and it does not have long moss. The color of iron oxide pigment mixed with cement can remain unchanged for several decades, while the color of the paint on the surface of the tile can only be maintained for several years.

5. The production efficiency of color concrete tiles is high, and the world’s highest production speed has reached 120 tablets per minute.

6. The energy consumption in the production process is low and there is no smoke and dust pollution. Since the main raw material is cement river sand, it does not invade farmland resources.