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Guaranteed the beauty of the building and can extend the life of the building

Apr 19, 2018

Caigang glazed tiles are made by pressing color steel forming equipment to compress horizontal colored steel plates. The color steel plate can be divided into many kinds, but according to the big class, it can be divided into roofing panel materials and wall panel materials. Caigang glazed tiles are generally used as roofing panels and laid on roofs constructed of steel structures. This ensures the beauty of the building and extends the service life of the building.

The biggest advantage of houses built with steel structures is the conservation of resources. The load-bearing walls are all made of special-shaped steel (for example, C-shaped steel, Z-shaped steel, etc.), and then the composite plate is used for the wall surface. The roof is made of colored steel glazed tiles.

The production facilities for colored steel glazed tiles are all made of cast iron and steel. The bottom is made of H-shaped steel and sits on two sides and is divided into many rows. There is a certain distance in the middle of each row, which is used to release the shaft. The designer designs the corresponding shaft according to the shape of the plate. Each shaft and shaft is driven by a chain, and outside the first shaft, it is driven by a speed reducer. The speed reducer is fully controlled by the PLC system. The length of the color steel glazed tile can be controlled according to the demand to obtain the ideal plate.