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Modern architecture has been more and more widely used

Apr 19, 2018

Ambilight glazed tiles are one of the traditional building materials in China. Glazed tiles usually have colored lead glazes such as golden, green, and blue. Because of their strong materials, bright colors, and glazes, they are always used in building ceramics. The respected proud man. As early as the Southern and Northern Dynasties, glazed tile was used as a decoration for houses. In the Yuan Dynasty, palace buildings began to use glazed tiles on a large scale. The Ming Tombs and the Nine Dragon Walls were all representative works of glazed tile architecture. After many years of development, glazed tile has formed a series of products with rich varieties, exquisite molding and strong assembly. Common common tile parts include: tile, tile, pick angle, kiss, sentence head tile, drop tile, Luo pot tile , zigzag tiles, beasts, angles, vertical animals, money beasts, Baoding and so on. Western-style glazed tiles developed from the evolution of traditional glazed tiles have been applied first in Japan, Spain, Italy, and other European countries. They combine two types of tundish and tile types into one structure. The structure is more reasonable and the installation is simple and effective. Coverage is large, and the roof is small. Glaze color is rich, up to more than a hundred kinds, at the same time, it does not lead lead glazed glazed anti-lead effect of decorative effects. Therefore, western-style glazed tiles have been more and more widely used in modern architecture.