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Novel personality, lasting stability

Apr 19, 2018

The production process of clay tiles is similar to that of clay bricks, but it requires high quality of clay, such as less impurities, high plasticity, and high homogenization of mud.

According to the laying site of tiles, there are: sintered roof tiles and sintered parts tiles

Roof tile according to the shape of the main points are: flat tile, three curved tiles, double cylinder tile, fish scale tile, tongue tongue tile, tile, tile, tile, tile head tile, J-shaped tile, S-shaped tile and other shaped tile.

The main functions of the accessory tile include: two pairs of tile with ridge and ridge tile, among which the series of gills include: gill head, gill and grate; ridge tile series include: ridge tile, ridge tile, two-way Ridge roof tile, three-ridge roof tile and four-ridge roof tile. In addition, different shapes of roof tiles have their own unique accessories.

According to the surface state divided: glazed tiles, unglazed tiles.

First, weathering excellence - the service life of not less than 50 years

Adopting a unique super weathering and anti-aging formula design, it has been proved by practice that it has shown good applicability in various climatic conditions in Russia, Mainland China, Southeast Coast, and Southeast Asia.

Second, outstanding waterproof performance - free waterproof layer

The waterproof layer is not used in the 15 degree-90 degree slope roof construction. The tile's material characteristics, structure, patented accessories and scientific and rational installation methods make the roof a whole waterproof system.

Third, wind resistance, earthquake - 90 degrees building facade decoration safe and reliable

Whether it is used in villas or high-rises, inland or coastal areas, it can withstand hurricanes, earthquakes, and roof systems are safe and reliable.

Fourth, rich colors, novel personality, lasting stability

The selection of 25 colors is your architectural personality. The tile surface is smooth, with strong acid and alkali resistance, so it will not be mildewed or corroded in any environment.

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