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Soft light, no moss, never fade

Apr 19, 2018

Qingwa culture has a long history. The firing technique of Qingwa is the crystallization of the wisdom of the working people of ancient China. Qingwa inherited the past three thousand years and was accompanied by the entire architectural history of the Chinese nation. Whenever the world looks at the blue tile roofs, the heart will surely be filled with deep respect for the Chinese culture. Through the technological improvement of the traditional Tao Qingwa, the world-leading Tang Celadon tile has been made, making the Chinese Qing tile culture even more attractive.

Tang Celadon tile is beautiful and elegant in appearance, simple in color, non-glazing, and non-reflective. It is a blue ceramic tile. Its unique all-body blue-gray color is naturally colored under a high-temperature firing atmosphere, soft and bright, without moss, never fade. This kind of blue-gray silk is not only unique in the world, but also is the inheritance of Chinese traditional Qingwa culture. It is deeply loved by people!

Tang style architectural grandeur, Tang Celadon tile with its flexible creativity, skillfully combines all the unique aesthetic sense of the Tang Dynasty architecture as a whole, totally natural, exquisite, so that the Tang style architecture is almost perfect. In the modern society, it also embodies the harmonious beauty of an urban street and a natural landscape.

Tang Celadon tile is not only beautiful appearance, but also in performance is unmatched! Because Tang Celadon tile is not glazed, the degree of porcelain is high, and the water absorption rate is less than 1%, so it has the problems of high strength, high density, antifreeze, resistance to quenching and rapid heat, corrosion resistance, no post-glazing, etc. Above 1000 years, it can be used in any harsh environment in the world!