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Decorative Multi-functional Building Materials

Apr 19, 2018

The new building materials - cement tile new building materials (domestic often referred to as new building materials) is a new variety of building materials that is different from the traditional building materials such as brick, sand and limestone. The "new" of new building materials is relative and dynamic. It mainly reflects the improvement or update of material functions. Of course, the improvement of functions is also inseparable from technological innovation and support. Compared with other new materials, the industrialization of new building materials is relatively quick and investors are becoming more familiar with them.

At present, sustainable development requirements such as cleaner production, resource conservation, and reduction in energy consumption directly promote the development of new building materials; accelerating the development of new building materials and promoting the realization of the modernization of the residential industry have become a very important task; the development of new building materials It is also an inevitable choice for earthquake relief. The new building materials industry faces enormous room for development and deserves attention. The color cement tile is the best replacement product for covering materials. It is much better than normal clay tiles in terms of windproof performance, rainproof performance, riot protection performance, service life, and tile type. It is widely used in industrial and civil construction, Ancient gardens, villas, hotels, grain and cotton warehouses. It is especially suitable for urban and rural houses with many stormy weather in various regions and buildings with few floors. The use of colored cement tiles can cover a variety of patterns and is a versatile building material that integrates cover decoration.