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Low Water Absorption And Excellent Frost Resistance

Apr 19, 2018

The Tang Celadon tile is an outstanding representative of Tangwa. It was crafted with the shape and shape of the terracotta tile during the Tang Dynasty. Beautiful and elegant appearance, ancient colors, no glazing, no reflection, all-green blue porcelain pieces. Its unique all-body blue-gray color is natural in a high-temperature firing atmosphere, soft and bright, never fades, and does not contain moss. This kind of unique blue-gray silk in the world is the inheritance of Chinese traditional blue-and-white culture and is therefore more popular with people.

Tang Celadon tiles are superior in performance. Due to its high degree of ceramicization, low water absorption, and excellent frost resistance, Tang Celadon porcelain tiles can be used in any harsh environment, and are hard and high in texture, and are a must for traditional temples, temples, and buildings. The upscale roof tile.

The high-quality buildings, coupled with top-quality Tang Celadon tiles, are indeed different.

Compared with Xiaoqingwa and glazed tile, it has low water absorption (less than 3%, water absorption rate of Xiaoqingwa and glazed tile is about 10%~15%), high degree of porcelainity, durability, frost resistance, high strength, no moss It will not produce cracks in the future and will never fade. Its service life is more than a thousand years. It is used in high-end Tang Dynasty architecture and has a high cultural and artistic value.