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Not Mildew, Rain Like New

Apr 19, 2018

Scope of application: modern factory, chemical fertilizer plant, sewage treatment plant, electroplating factory, power plant, aquaculture plant, market, warehouse and other large-scale industrial building roof and wall new construction and plant renovation project.

1, weather resistance, anti-corrosion excellence - verified by practice, products under a variety of climatic conditions, have shown good weathering performance, in the acid, alkali, salt chemical corrosion environment showed good corrosion resistance.

2. Outstanding waterproof performance - No waterproof layer is used in 15-90 degree roof building.

3, wind, earthquake - 90 degrees building facade decoration safe and reliable, able to withstand 12 strong winds.

4, fire performance is good - the material is fire-resistant grade B1, is a non-flammable material.

5. Silencer and heat insulation performance - The porous foam core has good noise attenuation and heat insulation properties.

6, large area, light weight - lightweight materials, reduce the construction load.

7, rich colors, lasting stability - fluorocarbon paint coating, rich colors, smooth surface, acid and alkali, no mildew, rain as new.

8, toughness, high strength - better than similar products with toughness and strength.

9. Convenient construction - The product can be directly nailed, drilled, sawed, planed, and it can easily deal with special facades such as facades and arc windows.