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Reduce The Cost Of User Decoration And Improve People’s Beauty In The Living Room

Apr 19, 2018

Polycarbonate panels include endurance panels and sun panels, which are widely used in interior and exterior decoration. Decoration materials have become the same as clothing and accessories, and are closely related to fashion, fashion and other terms. Only the new products introduced by each material merchant every quarter have been dizzying. The development of decorative materials has long been separated from the most primitive stage required for simple decoration, and it is rapidly developing toward satisfying people's demands for new pursuits and differences. Polycarbonate sheet, a new material, has also played an important role in modern villa decoration. PC Nailboard is applied directly to interior partitions. It is simple, natural, and together with the exquisitely decorated wall, it can create a very different and unique decoration effect.

The PC sun panel, a new type of material that is rarely seen on weekdays, is used extensively in modern decoration. The built-in water tower, house courtyard, and gracefulness are natural and beautiful. It can be used to insulate and isolate indoor and outdoor walls, and use space for various wood products such as roofs, walls, stairs, and floors in the sun room. The biggest benefits of the sun panel are flame resistance, rot resistance, cold resistance, heat resistance, light protection, waterproof, and anti-aging. Most importantly, it is simple to use, beautiful in appearance, rich in color, and cheaper than other plates. Greatly reduce the cost of user decoration and enhance the beauty of people's homes. PC particle board decorative plate, used in architectural lighting, indoor partitions / screens, kitchen cabinet doors, interior decoration, furniture, bathroom design, indoor partitions of the office, pedestrian wall, guardrail, balcony, sliding door room, shower room, etc. , Can present a variety of colors and styles, reducing the decoration costs.