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Simple, Lightweight And Safe Structure

Apr 19, 2018

Metal roofing system

360 ° double-rolled full support roof system, without the need for additional waterproof filling materials, roof panel ribs with electric lock 360 ° fold seal, folded after the roof completely impermeable, waterproof.

Roof panels can be specially processed in three-dimensional arcs and can be installed in domes with different arc sizes.

With high board ribs, while improving waterproof performance, but also make the roof line more obvious, and available materials in addition to steel, there are aluminum, stainless steel, zinc, copper and titanium and other metals, making the metal roof more colorful .

Diverse material choices

Roofing and wall systems have the largest selection of materials, and their material utilization rate is as high as 88%. It provides convenience and possibility for discerning architects to choose precious metals as roofing system materials, and to improve the overall waterproof effect and architectural grade of the roof. At the same time, get a good performance of economic indicators. The available materials are: pure titanium, zinc copper titanium, pure copper, stainless steel, aluminum magnesium manganese alloy, anodized aluminum alloy, galvanized steel and so on.


1. The overall structure of waterproof, drainage function;

2. The structure is simple, light and safe;

3. The installation is flexible, fast, accurate and economical.

4. Without silicone caulking, to avoid the aging problem due to silica gel, prolonged service life;

5. Natural circulation ventilation structure, increase life span;

6. Three-dimensional curved arc modeling is easy;