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Smooth Surface, No Distortion, No Skew

Apr 19, 2018

Aluminum magnesium manganese alloy roof is a new kind of roof. Aluminum magnesium manganese alloy has been widely used in the construction industry, and has played an important role in the development of modern architecture towards comfort, lightness, durability, economy, and environmental protection. 3004/3005 Al-Mg-Mn-Al alloy (AlMg1Mn1) is widely recognized as a roof and exterior wall material with an architectural design life of more than 50 years due to its moderate structural strength, weathering resistance, stain resistance, and easy bending and welding processing; For architectural design, 5052 marine-grade aluminum alloy material with stronger corrosion resistance can be selected.

Physical properties of aluminum magnesium manganese plate

Lightweight material: With the same thickness, the aluminum plate is lighter than other metal plates, and it is easy to transport and reduce costs.

Strong structure: easy to cut, cut, planed, curved into a circular arc, right angles and other shapes, and use ordinary metal or wood processing tools can be with the designer to do a variety of modeling changes.

Smoothness: Flat, smooth surface, no distortion, no skew.

Environmental protection: Recyclable, environmentally friendly.

Chemical properties of aluminum magnesium manganese plate

Super weather resistance: Excellent super weather resistance, super corrosion resistance and pollution resistance, can withstand extreme weather conditions, not affected by ultraviolet and temperature difference, and it is not easy to fade compared to other coatings, can be novel and fresh appearance forever.

Easy to maintain: Use clean water or neutral mild detergent to make the sheet permanent.