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Sound Insulation, Insulation, Heat Insulation, UV Protection

Apr 19, 2018

Tiles (wǎ), or roof tiles, tiles, are styled with roof tiles covered with ceramic tiles, usually with sharply angled roofs, commonly found in Asia and Europe. Clay tiles generally refer to clay tiles. The clay (including shale, gangue and other powder) as the main raw material, the mud processing, molding, drying and roasting made. Chinese tile production is earlier than bricks. The common interpretations of tiles are: First, the building materials used for roofing, which are usually fired with clay, and also made of cement and other materials, and have arched, flat, or semi-cylindrical shapes, etc.; Pottery or pottery with clay burned; third is short for Watts. Tiles are suitable for concrete structures, steel structures, wood structures, brick-wood mixed structures and other structures for the construction of new slope roofs and old buildings with flat slope roofs, with gradients of 15-90 degrees and applicable temperatures of -50°C-70°C.

Prevent rain from leaking into the house.

2. Insulation prevents solar radiant heat during the day from reaching the house. When the tiles are stacked on sharply angled roofs, an air gap for thermal insulation can be created.

3. Sound insulation, heat preservation, heat insulation, anti-ultraviolet radiation, low carbon environmental protection, reduction of straw burning in rural areas, and protection of the environment.

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