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SMARTROOF Metal roof Sheet application range
Tiempo: 2022-07-15

heat reflective roof tiles

SMARTROOF metal roof sheet is mainly used in "flat slope improvement" project, mobile house, high-grade villa, antique building, garden pavilion, plant, villa, real estate project, canopy and awning, etc. Its color: jujube red, cyan gray, matte gray, dark green, ocean blue, length can be customized according to the multiple of the pitch.

transparent roofing sheet

SMARTROOF metal roof sheet can replace glazed tile, clay tile, cement tile, asphalt tile, etc. It is divided into stone metal tile, lacquer metal tile, metal instinctive tile by making technology.

synthetic resin tile

SMARTROOF metal roof sheet is made of aluminum plated zinc steel plate, zinc plated steel plate, aluminum magnesium manganese alloy and other metal substrate surface after paint spraying treatment to make tile type for roofing; The vertical type is mainly used for large venues.

SMARTROOF metal roof sheet "natural color" production: titanium zinc plate surface without coating treatment directly processing for roofing, mostly used for high-grade roofing.



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