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SMARTROOF Metal roof sheet is a steel plate with an organic coating
Tiempo: 2022-07-17

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SMARTROOF Metal roof sheet is a color coated steel sheet. Color coated steel sheet is a type of steel sheet with an organic coating. It is divided into veneer, color steel composite plate, floor bearing plate, etc.

corrugated steel roofing sheet

SMARTROOF Metal Roof Sheet

1. Light weight: 10-14 kg/square meter, equivalent to 1/30 of the brick wall.

2. Heat insulation: thermal conductivity of core material: λ<= 0.041W /mk.

3. High strength: can be used as ceiling envelope plate bearing, bending and compression resistance; Ordinary houses do not use beams and columns.

4. Bright color: no surface decoration, color galvanized steel anticorrosive layer in 10-15 years.

5. Flexible and fast installation: the construction period can be shortened by more than 40%.

synthetic resin roof tile

SMARTROOF Metal roof sheet is widely used in the walls and roofs of large public buildings, public factories, movable slab houses and integrated houses.



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