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SMARTROOF Metal Roof Sheet is coated with color paint on both sides of steel plate and pressed
Tiempo: 2022-07-25

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SMARTROOF Metal Roof Sheet is made by coating both sides of steel plate with color coating and pressing. There are different kinds of coating coatings, usually polyester coating, modified polyester coating, high weather resistance polyester coating, polyvinylidene fluoride polyester coating and other types,

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However, regardless of the coating, SMARTROOF Metal Roof Sheet uses coating technology to reduce the presence of micropores after rolling with preconditioned coating solution and curing. This reduces the number of microholes that can cause the SMARTROOF Metal Roof Sheet to rust and leak, especially in acidic or alkaline environments, which slows the corrosion rate.

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SMARTROOF Metal Roof Sheet usually lasts about 6 years in corrosive environments, but in highly corrosive environments or where chlorine ions are produced, it will rust and leak in about 3 years. SMARTROOF is a brand in the color steel tile industry with a satisfactory service life in corrosive environments.



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