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Amino paint is recommended for small areas of refurbished SMARTROOF METAL ROOF
Time: 2022-10-27

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If you want to renovate SMARTROOF METAL ROOF, small area, it is recommended that the amino paint is generally used, the solvent used in the paint is not too strong, otherwise it will be wrinkled, should be tested in advance, a large number of words are recommended to use real high chlorinated finish, there are many fake, brightness is good, but also sun resistance, hardness, fast drying.

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Considering that if SMARTROOF METAL ROOF really needs to be renovated, the original anti-rust layer on the surface should not be complete, it is recommended that you spray a layer of anti-rust primer, and then spray a layer of paint, both of which are solvent self-drying paint. In principle, it is not recommended to spray paint, because the color steel itself is very precious, their own spray up in case of bad spray is very troublesome.

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Although SMARTROOF METAL ROOF has a long service life, some of it will gradually become rusty and fade under the sun. In fact, SMARTROOF METAL ROOF with good quality rarely appears in practice, and it is not recommended to spray paint by oneself. So from the source is necessary to deal with, from the beginning of the choice of caigang tile to choose high-quality Caigang tile, so as not to appear in the future Caigang tile itself.



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