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Analyze the main reasons for water leakage of SMARTROOF METAL ROOF
Time: 2022-11-22

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Due to design and construction, materials and other problems, resulting in SMARTROOF METAL ROOF roof water leakage, today we will analyze the main reasons for the water leakage problem:

1, production and transportation process, construction process caused by careless deformation of tile. Color steel tile quality is poor, roof construction caused by color steel tile deformation.

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2. The effect of wind, rain and other external forces causes the SMARTROOF METAL ROOF to tremble for a long time, so that the nail eye and the iron seam wear for a long time, and rust in the rain.

3. SMARTROOF METAL ROOF Main causes of roof deformation:

First: the roof span is large, for a long time, resulting in water accumulation in the middle, increased gravity in the middle, the more rain the more serious the deformation, and even the collapse of the roof.

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Second: the roof with mineral wool, mineral wool has the effect of water absorption, rainy days, roof leakage of rain all gathered in mineral wool, increased weight.

Third: When the ROOF of the building is in high temperature, the sudden heavy rain causes the temperature of the tile board to plunge, the SMARTROOF METAL ROOF to shrink rapidly, resulting in the deformation of the color board and the loosening of the nails.

Correct construction of SMARTROOF METAL ROOF is an important condition to prevent water leakage.



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