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Directly lead to SMARTROOF METAL ROOF roof water leakage is the main reason
Time: 2022-11-23

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Why does rain flow backwards? The backflow water scene is a unique scene of SMARTROOF METAL ROOF. The necessary conditions for its composition are: first, the backflow water is ventilated inside and outside. There is a pressure difference between indoor and outdoor in rainy days, and the low pressure inside sucks the rain into. Second: the wind outside the ventilation place has formed a wind channel, strong wind hard rain into the wind.

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Self tapping nail has rubber pad why can seep water. There are two reasons, first: in the construction of the self tapping nail force is too fierce has destroyed the rubber pad. Second: rubber pad aging fast, soon lost the waterproof effect, after a long time by weathering corrosion, gradually aging SMARTROOF METAL ROOF roof. Water seepage at the water flushing part of concave and convex cross roof wall foot: use cement to spread figure-shaped Angle, sealant or waterproof coating for waterproof maintenance. The cement is not connected to the metal and shows cracks. Small elongation of paint or sealant will also present larger cracks.

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The above reasons are the main reasons directly leading to the ROOF leakage of SMARTROOF METAL ROOF. We are familiar with the above reasons in the construction and try our best to avoid the occurrence of problems. If we cannot avoid them, we should also find the corresponding solutions according to the causes.



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