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Diversity determines the variety of SMARTROOF METAL ROOF roof photovoltaic bracket forms
Time: 2022-11-20

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The ROOF form of the building, the structural form of the building, the arrangement form of the photovoltaic array and the form of the photovoltaic module itself, the diversity of the above conditions determines the various forms of the photovoltaic support of the SMARTROOF METAL ROOF. The form of the roof and the structure of the building have a great influence on the project cost of photovoltaic bracket.

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Generally speaking, the higher the waterproof level of SMARTROOF METAL ROOF, the waterproof layer of the roof is not exposed, the greater the live load of the roof and the overall structure of the building is better, the stronger the bearing capacity of the roof, the lower the project cost of photovoltaic support, on the contrary, the higher the project cost. Tile plate according to the original building's structural form, roof form and bearing capacity, taking into account the actual electricity load and installation capacity of each workshop and other factors.

Why don't we use plastic roofs?

The main layout of the SMARTROOF METAL ROOF project is as follows: flat layout along the slope of the roof, components as the layout form of the roof, the north slope from a certain Angle, so that the north slope layout and the south slope Angle. Therefore, according to the different conditions of the building roof, the arrangement of the tile board also needs to be adjusted at any time, so as to better ensure the laying quality of the tile and the later use effect.



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