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Hot dip galvanizing technology in the production of SMARTROOF METAL ROOF
Time: 2022-11-08

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SMARTROOF METAL ROOF hot dip galvanized production process: compared with the production of ordinary hot dip galvanized products, the production of aluminum zinc alloy coated color steel tile has more strict requirements on the cleanliness of the substrate. This is because when hot plating aluminum zinc alloy, the plating bath aluminum content is higher, the plating bath temperature is higher, aluminum is easy to oxidize, easy to produce zinc steam, thus easy to deteriorate the coating adhesion.

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Therefore, in order to ensure the coating adhesion, the production of hot-plated SMARTROOF METAL ROOF generally needs to be cleaned outside the furnace, that is, electrolytic degreasing cleaning section is set in front of the annealing furnace. Compared with ordinary hot galvanized steel sheet, there are two problems to be considered in the annealing of hot galvanized steel tile: one is how to achieve online aging treatment of color steel, because the optimal temperature of over-aging is 300 ~ 350℃, and the temperature requirement of strip steel into the zinc pot is greater than 550℃;

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Second, because the bath temperature is about 200℃ higher than the melting point of zinc, it is easy to cause the evaporation of zinc at the furnace nose. This zinc steam is attached to the strip steel, which will cause the product to produce leakage plating defects. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure the strong reducing atmosphere in the furnace and strictly control the zero point temperature at the furnace nose, in order to maintain the quality of SMARTROOF METAL ROOF.



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