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How to deal with SMARTROOF METAL ROOF after plating
Time: 2022-11-09

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SMARTROOF METAL ROOF hot plating: Because of the high melting point of Al-Zn alloy, the bath temperature is higher than that of ordinary hot galvanizing, and the best temperature range is 620 ~ 650℃. In order to obtain better coating adhesion, the temperature of the strip into the zinc pot should be about 50℃ lower than that of the bath. In order to refine the dendrite structure rich in aluminum and reduce the volume fraction of zinc-rich grains between dendrites,

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In order to improve the corrosion resistance of SMARTROOF METAL ROOF coating (aluminum-rich dendrites are small, intergranular gap is small, and zinc-rich grains between dendrites are less and dispersed in the coating in fine detail), rapid cooling is required after plating, and the cooling rate is generally required to be 10 ~ 30℃/s. Some manufacturers have increased the H2 content in the furnace to 40% ~ 60%, and the zero point temperature at the furnace nose is controlled below -50℃.

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How to deal with SMARTROOF METAL ROOF after plating. The same as ordinary hot dip galvanizing, color steel plate is also generally treated after chromic acid passivation. However, in recent years, in order to improve the formability and environmental protection of color steel plate, roll coated with acrylic acid has gradually replaced the traditional chromic acid passivation, and chromium-free organic passivation has gradually attracted wide attention.



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