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How to deal with the SMARTROOF METAL ROOF tilting phenomenon in the construction process
Time: 2022-11-13

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The use of SMARTROOF METAL ROOF is becoming more and more popular now, and more and more buildings are made of this material, which shows that this material is widely accepted by people. Now the construction of this material not only requires the construction personnel to have the corresponding technology, but also to be equipped with equipment to do installation support. However, sometimes even if the guarantee has, but we will still find that the construction process has a tilting tile, which is why in the end, the following is a specific explanation for everyone, everyone together to understand it.

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1. Improper tightening of the cable wind rope: it is strictly prohibited to use the wind rope to forcibly change the sag value of the SMARTROOF METAL ROOF.

2. Installation error: caused by collision in the installation process and geometric size deviation of the product itself, as well as the operation error of the surveyor in the correction process.

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3. Welding deformation: weld shrinkage deformation after welding has a great impact on the verticality of SMARTROOF METAL ROOF. Due to the thickness of the weld in this project, the cumulative error has a great impact.

4, according to the temperature difference: the temperature change will make the product produce large deformation, especially in summer. Under the irradiation of sunlight, the expansion of the sunny side is large, so the steel column will tilt back towards the sunny side.



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