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How to effectively identify the quality of SMARTROOF METAL ROOF SHEET (1)
Time: 2022-10-07

heat reflective roof tiles

Many friends have a big misunderstanding on the understanding of SMARTROOF METAL ROOF SHEET that the thicker it is, the better it is, the thicker it is, the more durable it is. In fact, the difference between color steel tile can not be measured by thickness and weight alone. Now many new materials, thin thickness, light material, but just the opposite, the most durable energy saving, cost-effective is also the best. Therefore, it is particularly important to effectively identify its quality:

metal tile roofing sheets

1. See whether the paint layer on the upper and lower surfaces of SMARTROOF METAL ROOF SHEET is scratched.

2. Measure whether the width of both ends of the tile is consistent, and whether the effective area and corrugated height reach the standard.

3. Measure whether the diagonal length of the tile is the same.

4, tile on the ground can be naturally flat.

resin roof tile

5. Whether there are obvious pores, bubbles, pile flow and wrinkling phenomenon.

6, SMARTROOF METAL ROOF SHEET surface whether there are pitting, impurities, scratches, dirt and uneven coating.

7, whether there is serious leakage, coating off, color mixing, adhesion. Do not allow the coating due to excessive baking brittle yellowing, loss of light, etc.



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