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Installers who work with SMARTROOF METAL ROOF often hear that one piece of cloth and three pieces of paint are critical
Time: 2022-10-29

agricultural metal roofing

In the installation of SMARTROOF METAL ROOF, self-tapping screw drilling, manual data, electric saw cutting or other operations will leave metal chips on the roof or adjacent areas. These things must be removed from the roof, flood board, gutter and other places in time to be free of solid debris oxidation surface, resulting in the formation of stains on the surface of the color plate, resulting in steel plate corrosion. So if you choose SMARTROOF METAL ROOF to lay the roof, we must pay more attention to the above content, strictly ensure that the construction quality is up to the standard, so as to better use.

plastic tile effect roofing sheets

People who often contact SMARTROOF METAL ROOF always hear that one cloth and three coats are very key. As long as one cloth and three coats are done well, the construction quality is basically determined by half. At this point, maybe everyone is confused, what is this one cloth three paint? It's so important. So let's give you a detailed explanation.

Can plastic be used for roofing?

Cloth: Before painting, the hole part of SMARTROOF METAL ROOF needs to be filled. The surface of the hole is coated with synthetic polymer waterproof coating, and then the hole position is pasted with polyester non-woven cloth.



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