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Magnificent Lightweight Material for Roof – Synthetic Resin Tile
Time: 2023-08-24

For a long time, people’s knowledge of roofing materials has mostly focused on tiles. Traditional roofing materials such as clay tiles, asbestos tiles, and metal tiles can no longer meet the demands of the current market in terms of performance. Clay tiles consume land resources and become construction waste once they become outdated, which is not conducive to the development of the ecological environment; metal tiles are prone to rust and corrosion, and their lifespan will become even shorter if they are used in coastal areas and chemical plants. In order to protect farmland, the environment, and save energy, many countries have restricted and gradually banned the use of these traditional materials, giving rise to many new types of tile materials. Today’s roofing materials are developing towards lightweight, beautiful, environmentally friendly, fire-resistant, sound-insulating and heat-insulating. China has gradually begun to research and innovate in lightweight PVC resin tiles that have become a new favorite for roofing materials.

ASA Coated Plastic Synthetic Resin Roof Tile, also known as lightweight tiles, synthetic resin tiles, and antique plastic tiles, are a relatively popular new type of roofing material in recent years. Resin tiles are processed by the most advanced three-layer co-extrusion technology. The surface is an ASA layer, the middle is a skeleton layer, and the bottom layer is a wear-resistant layer. It has attracted the attention of many people with its environmentally friendly material, lightweight and easy-to-install quality, novel and concise appearance, beautiful antique appearance, corrosion resistance, heat insulation, and sound insulation performance. It is widely used in high-end villas, scenic cool pavilions, and antique architectural engineering projects.

PVC resin tiles have long-lasting color, good supply effect, strong fire resistance, excellent corrosion resistance, excellent insulation performance, outstanding load resistance, impact resistance, and low-temperature resistance. The surface material of synthetic resin tile is made of imported ultra-high weather-resistant engineering resin. It has super durability in natural environments and can maintain color stability even under harsh conditions such as exposure to ultraviolet rays, moisture, heat, and cold for a long time.

Smartroof PVC Resin anti corrosion roofing sheet is being recognized, purchased, and used on more and more roofs. Therefore, lightweight resin tiles will be a gorgeous landscape on roof.

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