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SMARTROOF METAL ROOF can use no less than 1kg of anti-corrosion coating per square meter
Time: 2022-11-17

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The use effect of SMARTROOF METAL ROOF is good, and the construction and installation is also very convenient, but at the same time, many people are also worried that the building materials will be used for a long time when rust spots and other situations, it will be reduced, affect its service life. So in the face of this situation, how to extend the service life of the product? After a few years of exposure to wind and rain, rust spots and corrosion may appear. If you want to let the tile extend the life how to do?

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SMARTROOF METAL ROOF can use no less than 1kg of anti-corrosion coating per square meter. In the case of not obvious improvement of construction cost, can at least extend the use of tile life of 5~8 years so extended life, reduce the construction cost.

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If the SMARTROOF METAL ROOF surface has rust corrosion traces, it is necessary to sander or sandpaper the surface of the rust will be polished clean, these methods can improve the waterproof function of tile, so that the tile is not corroded, cracked. Why can color steel plate leak? There are several possibilities. The slope of the tile board is small, the insulation layer is exposed, and the corresponding treatment is not made when the device is installed, which leads to the direct flow of rainwater into the thermal insulation sandwich, forming all the rainwater backflow.



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