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Time: 2022-11-01

agricultural metal roofing

The first row of SMARTROOF METAL ROOF is the first fixed seat, which is fixed on the left of purlin with self-tapping screws, and then on the purlin ink line as the base line, and then fixed on the same row of fixed seats. Then the rib of the first plate is aligned with the rib of the fixed seat, and the clamp is pressed down to check whether the buckle is correct. Then fasten the short arm of the fixed seat on the first piece of laid panel negative rib, construct according to the above method, and adjust.

corrugated skylight roofing

According to the above sequence of laying, the last remaining air pavilion is less than half the width of the board, only use the short arm of the fixed seat to fix the board, the rest of the space to flood the head. If the last remaining space is greater than half the width of the plate, the plate is fixed with a fixed seat, and the excess part is cut.

The construction personnel hope to make the skeleton of SMARTROOF METAL ROOF in strict accordance with the methods described above in the future construction projects. If you encounter problems that cannot be solved, you can consult SMARTROOF.

Are plastic roof tiles good?

SMARTROOF METAL ROOF plays a great role in many construction fields because of its advantages in performance. For example, when it is used as a building construction material, it plays a great advantage in performance. When it is used as a material in this aspect, technical skills and certain installation methods are needed on the wall device.



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