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SMARTROOF METAL ROOF SHEET is an easy to install and thermal insulation tile
Time: 2023-06-16

heat reflective roof tiles

SMARTROOF METAL ROOF SHEET is a kind of color steel material with convenient installation, thermal insulation and strong durability, which has a wide range of applications in construction, transportation and other fields. We summarized its scope of application, want to know friends can come to pay attention. It has a variety of types, can be divided into cold-rolled substrate, hot-dip galvanized substrate and galvanized zinc substrate as well as coated plate, embossed plate and printed plate.

metal tile roofing sheets

SMARTROOF METAL ROOF SHEET is mainly used in the fields of roof walls and doors of industrial and commercial buildings such as steel structure factories, airports, warehouses and refrigeration, and some other civil buildings and transportation industries are also used, but the number is small. As a tile company, we are at the industry standard in terms of product development and production, and have supplied modules for the rooftop photovoltaic projects of airports, union buildings and landmark buildings to be commissioned.

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Our products have participated in rural promotion projects, accumulated rich experience in ROOF distributed photovoltaic projects, to ensure that photovoltaic and SMARTROOF METAL ROOF SHEET after the combination to achieve the ideal effect of 1+1>2, and look forward to strengthening cooperation with institutions and enterprises in the architectural design industry to promote the application and promotion



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