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SMARTROOF METAL ROOF SHEET is rolled cold bending using colored coated steel sheet
Time: 2022-10-11

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SMARTROOF METAL ROOF SHEET is made of colored coated steel sheet that is rolled and cold bent into various wave patterns. Aluminum tile is also called pressure type aluminum plate, aluminum corrugated plate, corrugated aluminum plate, aluminum plate by rolling cold bending into a variety of wave type of pressure plate. Many friends have tangled in aluminum tile and color steel tile between that better. They actually have a lot in common.

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Aluminum tile waste accounts for 80% of the aluminum tile itself, so the waste can be recycled, and the value is high. The new color steel tile cost is low, the waste can not be recycled, the recovery price is too low. SMARTROOF METAL ROOF sheets have a life span of five to seven years, and aluminum tiles have a life span of three to five years.

Through the above content, you can generally understand the difference between the color steel tile and aluminum tile, consumers in the actual purchase can be identified from the above points, in order to buy the right material.

Are plastic roof tiles good?

We know that as long as SMARTROOF METAL ROOF SHEET is operated in accordance with the standard requirements when it is used, its service performance is relatively stable and its service time will be relatively long. However, for some users, it will be damp due to the different placement after purchase.



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