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SMARTROOF METAL ROOF SHEET is used as the building material for the warehouse logistics
Time: 2022-10-19

industrial metal roofing

Now ordinary industrial plants, warehousing logistics warehouses and other simple factories are using color steel tiles as building materials, this must ensure the quality of the problem, so we must understand what the product is made of material, so that we can rest assured to use.

SMARTROOF METAL ROOF SHEET is a thin steel sheet sprayed on both sides and processed into various ripples to give the sheet good mechanical property, instead of traditional roof tiles.

asa roofing sheet

The new SMARTROOF METAL ROOF SHEET is made of colored steel plate and stainless steel plate as the surface layer, and light, fireproof and flame retardant materials such as glass wool, rock wool and polystyrene as the core layer. Single layer color steel tile is generally used in factories and other insulation and sound insulation effect is not high. And if applied to residential office, generally with color steel sandwich board, to strengthen the heat insulation and sound insulation effect. Compared with asbestos tile, color steel plate has good mechanical properties, large span, convenient for irregular opening treatment and other construction is more convenient, beautiful appearance, the price is slightly higher.

synthetic resin roof tile

For the installation of SMARTROOF METAL ROOF SHEET, you should first ensure the safety of the construction. You must wear gloves, safety helmet and other safety facilities, and try to use certified professionals to install for you, to ensure that your installation works in an orderly manner and ensure quality and quantity.



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