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SMARTROOF METAL ROOF surface dirt how to deal with
Time: 2022-11-04

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The existence of dirt on the surface of SMARTROOF METAL ROOF will affect the use effect and appearance of the product, so it is necessary to clean it, extend its service life and increase its use beauty. So how do you clean it up?

One: with 15% acetic acid solution (15% tartaric acid solution can also) wipe stains;

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Two: Break up the vitamin C tablets and put them on the surface of the SMARTROOF METAL ROOF, rinse them with a small amount of water;

Three: if there is a novel lemon, can be squeezed out of its night watch, plus a little food salt mixed well, drop in the tile board rust serious place, and then wipe off with a rag.

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The above method has a certain effect on the SMARTROOF METAL ROOF with mild rust, but it is not very useful for the long-term, refractory rust. At this time we need to use professional rust remover. Especially in the humid environment, it is important to take measures before the tile begins to rust.



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