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SMARTROOF METAL ROOF wall installation method
Time: 2022-11-02

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SMARTROOF METAL ROOF device is at the top of the air, operators should take safety maintenance measures, wall pressure plate type standard plate thickness is 0.8MM, and the length of the device is more than 15m, for the wall construction length is long, choose a single piece of artificial pulling method, with a fixed card stuck on the purlin at the mouth of the gutter, and then tighten with screws. Then the pulley is hung on the hanging nose, and 16 twine is used as a rope to pull it up manually.

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Holes are punched in the center of the upper end of each SMARTROOF METAL ROOF, with an interval of 8CM from the hole to the top, and 6 steel bars are bent into hooks less than 45 degrees to hang up and move up. In order to safety when pulling up with 16 twine from the tile length of 1/3 tied as a stabilizing line controlled by people, to prevent the wind when the pendulum caused injury tile and wounding.

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In addition, holes are punched on the edge of 3/4 of the tile length of SMARTROOF METAL ROOF to add auxiliary pulling wire. The operators above fasten the safety belt to improve the pulling synchronizes with the main pulling wire, and then reduce the bearing of the main line, overcome the broken appearance of the tile on the side surface and ensure safety. When the tile board is pulled to the bearing, the first electric tapping wire is temporarily fixed from the bottom until the tile is placed into the position, then the loose hook is fine tuned, and finally fixed. The maintenance rope on the side is removed at the end of the fixation.



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