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SMARTROOF METAL ROOF will be antiseptic within 3 hours after cleaning
Time: 2022-11-16

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Rust removal and cleaning: Professional equipment is used to polish and remove rust, so that the surface of SMARTROOF METAL ROOF is smooth and clean, the surface is free of welding slag, rust and burr, and there is no dirt, grease, dirt and oxide skin on the surface. If it is serious, it can also be cleaned with water, dried in the sun after cleaning or blown dry by equipment, so that the surface luster of the color steel plate substrate is exposed. It is recommended to choose a sunny day for the operation.

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Anti-corrosion coating base: in principle, the anti-corrosion bottom work should be carried out within 3 hours after the rust cleaning of SMARTROOF METAL ROOF. Special coatings and special equipment are used to make the anti-corrosion paint stir evenly, spray and brush evenly without omission, and there should be no trace of flow hanging. Then manual inspection makes no dead Angle no leakage brush, corners and gaps should be smeared to, which needs to test the quality of service of the construction team.

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Anti-corrosion coating: The interval between anti-corrosion coating and anti-corrosion bottom is recommended to be no more than 1 hour. The bottom paint of SMARTROOF METAL ROOF can be slightly dry, and then brush again with uniform and no dead Angle. Professional equipment is used to adjust the spraying density, so that the paint is evenly thin and thick.



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