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SMARTROOF PVC HOLLOW ROOF TILE has what outstanding characteristics
Time: 2022-09-29

heat reflective roof tiles

Now, with SMARTROOF PVC HOLLOW ROOF TILE being used by more and more people, what are its outstanding features compared with traditional tiles? Don't worry. I'll show you what it is.

Strong weather resistance,SMARTROOF PVC HOLLOW ROOF TILE is ASA resin with high weather resistance as TILE surface material, very suitable for outdoor use. It has strong durability in natural environments and can maintain stable color and physical properties even after prolonged exposure to ultraviolet light, humidity, high temperature, cold and shock.

coated roofing sheet

Excellent corrosion resistance,SMARTROOF PVC HOLLOW ROOF TILE surface high weather resistance resin and the main PVC resin have very good corrosion resistance, can resist acid, alkali, salt and other chemical corrosion for a long time, very suitable for salt spray corrosion strong coastal areas and serious air pollution areas.

Excellent load resistance, light weight, high strength, when the support spacing is 660mm, weight increase 150kg, tile surface will not appear cracks.

mexican roof tile

Waterproof effect is good,SMARTROOF PVC HOLLOW ROOF TILE surface is dense and smooth, with "lotus leaf effect", does not absorb water, as new after rain, single piece area, less installation lap, effectively reduce the possibility of water leakage.



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