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The installation ensures the safety of operation and the flexibility of fixing SMARTROOF METAL ROOF
Time: 2022-11-03

heat reflective roof tiles

In the wall outside the upside-down raking ladder (made of 16 round steel), the upper end of the gutter on the bottom two fulcrum, the operation of the safety belt on the ladder support. In the gantry ladder, each operation is carried out by sliding the gantry ladder forward, which not only ensures the safety of operation but also ensures the flexibility of fixing the SMARTROOF METAL ROOF. Note that the guide wind direction of the tile plate device is laid according to the inverse dominant wind direction, and the reverse installation length is 150MM, which is connected to a senior, without holes, and the solid parts should be reliable, and the vertical joints are generally not left according to the drawings.

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If the SMARTROOF METAL ROOF is used as a wall panel in the installation, a 3MM piece of wood is placed on the flood water, and then removed after the sample is fixed, so that the wall panel device can be beautiful. Every 5 boards are measured with vertical lines and theodolites in time to prevent the wall panels from showing skew and deformation of the lower mouth.

How do you maintain a PVC roof?

When carrying out wall SMARTROOF METAL ROOF device, we should pay attention to the straightness, pay attention to the matters stated in the article, and install in accordance with the standard steps. The goal of each item should meet the requirements of the construction acceptance standard, and the roof device should be cleaned after completion to ensure the clean roof. I hope the introduction can bring reference to you.



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