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The small opening of the SMARTROOF Metal Roof Sheet makes it easy to install insulation and flexible waterproof sheets together
Time: 2022-07-23

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SMARTROOF Metal Roof Sheet is an open molded steel plate with a rib height of 38mm, consisting of 6 waves, each wave spacing of 152mm. The width of the whole plate is 914mm, and its spread width is 1250mm. It can be used as Roof floor/wall panels or floor formwork. The effect is beautiful after completion.

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The price of SMARTROOF Metal Roof Sheet is relatively affordable, which is a good choice for SOME 4S shops, factories, mid-rise buildings. When used as roof board, can be used as the bottom lining of inverted roof, high bearing capacity, save the number of purlins, and hard insulation material and flexible waterproof coil together to form a complete roof system.

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The specific advantages of SMARTROOF Metal Roof Sheet are as follows: the wide cover width reduces the number of panels required, thus saving time and cost during transportation and installation; Specially designed press end makes lap and installation very fast; High bearing capacity, allowing large design span, save the amount of purlins in the system; Large wave width, small opening to facilitate the joint installation of insulation materials and flexible waterproof roll; The space between plates and ribs is standard modulus, which saves the amount of fasteners in the system.



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