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The SMARTROOF METAL ROOF SHEET does not require maintenance
Time: 2023-06-28

industrial metal roofing

SMARTROOF METAL ROOF SHEET cotton sandwich series energy saving and environmental protection, light weight, fast transportation, whether in the suburbs or urban areas can be used, a wide range of applications, low price. The color steel plate series can be used in the active board house at the construction site as wall panel and roof; Rock wool sandwich series gives full play to the unique properties of rock wool core material, and has significant effects in fire prevention, thermal insulation, sound absorption and sound insulation.

asa roofing sheet

After professional instrument testing, the exterior wall sound insulation effect after adding SMARTROOF METAL ROOF SHEET rockwool sandwich series to the exterior wall sound insulation system is 8 ~ 15 dB higher than the sound insulation result of only gypsum board without adding rockwool board.

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The application of SMARTROOF METAL ROOF SHEET is very common in our daily life, especially in industry and construction. We often see self-built houses using SMARTROOF METAL ROOF SHEET, which is rich in color and beautiful, so it is loved by everyone.

SMARTROOF METAL ROOF SHEET is widely used because it does not require maintenance. Everyone is very concerned about its price, for different manufacturers, the price is not the same.



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