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The specifications of SMARTROOF PVC HOLLOW ROOF TILE are critical and important
Time: 2023-04-29

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SMARTROOF PVC HOLLOW ROOF TILE specifications are very important! Let's get to know it together.

1. The types, types and standard scales of SMARTROOF PVC HOLLOW ROOF TILE all require reasonable planning. The thickness of resin tile should meet the quality requirements of the national product standards.

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2. When the SMARTROOF PVC HOLLOW ROOF TILE is completed, the following aspects shall be inspected: investigation, scale inspection, resin tile product qualification inspection and function detection statement shall be carried out on the scene inspection records and check some hidden projects. Its laying must be firm, the number and orientation of the fixed plate or expansion bolt should be correct, and the connection method should meet the planning requirements. The interval between its fixed point should not be greater than 600MM, then it is necessary to use the hand pull to see, it is necessary to have a way to prevent falling.

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3. The TILE accessories of SMARTROOF PVC HOLLOW ROOF also have relevant requirements. The type, standard and quantity of its accessories are also necessary to meet the requirements of the planning.



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