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The whole SMARTROOF METAL ROOF replacement construction operation needs to pay attention to what aspects
Time: 2022-10-24

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SMARTROOF METAL ROOF will inevitably have some damage after a long time of use, so in order to avoid affecting the normal use of other tiles, it is necessary to replace the old tiles. And the whole replacement construction operation needs to pay more attention to the following points:

1, because of the construction on the inclined roof, the worker must fasten the safety belt.

2, the construction personnel wear safety helmet, tie the hat belt.

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3. Working at high altitude is forbidden to work after drinking. People with hypertension are forbidden to work at high altitude.

4. Before the construction of SMARTROOF METAL ROOF, check the surrounding enclosure of the outer frame, and there shall be no hidden danger less than the enclosure.

5, construction workers in the oblique roof work, must be equipped with non-slip shoes.

6, the demolition of the color steel tile immediately into the chute moved to the downstairs, shall not be stacked on the inclined roof, so as not to slide wounding.

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Therefore, when we carry out the replacement construction operation of the old SMARTROOF METAL ROOF, we must pay attention to the construction safety, improve the construction safety of workers and reduce the probability of construction faults.



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