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what are SMARTROOF METAL ROOF common welding methods
Time: 2022-11-28

heat reflective roof tiles

SMARTROOF METAL ROOF is a product we often see in our life, and its welding requirements are relatively strict. If we want to ensure the quality of the product in the process of use, then the welding operation should be firm. In order to facilitate the better use of this product, we will learn about the common welding methods of this product today.

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1. Extrusion welding

This method should be made at the beginning of the design of the parts, because the welding method of SMARTROOF METAL ROOF can be important for the depiction of the parts, and different welding methods have different significant effects.

2. Hot plate welding

Hot plate welding (for flat forms) is a thermoplastic welding process in which a METAL die is electrically heated to soften the surface of a SMARTROOF METAL ROOF. It is suitable for almost all large or small thermoplastic parts. Semi-crystalline thermoplastics such as PE or PP sheets suitable for welding.

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3. Hot air welding

Hot gas welding is widely used in SMARTROOF METAL ROOF to produce large parts of the welding method. It is important to produce electrodes with the same polymer brand as the parts to be welded. Extrusion welding is a welding method developed from hot gas welding.



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