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What are the main welding methods of SMARTROOF METAL ROOF
Time: 2022-11-30

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Through analysis, we know the reasons why buildings choose blue SMARTROOF METAL ROOF. Therefore, when we buy this product, we should not only consider its practical value, but also consider the impact of its overall appearance on the building. Only in this way can we choose the products that are recognized by everyone and bring good results to the building.

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The main welding methods of SMARTROOF METAL ROOF are extrusion, hot plate, hot air and other three forms. When we are in actual operation, we can choose according to the requirements of the surrounding environment. Of course, when welding the products, we should wear good protection tools, and try to let the idling people do not enter the place close to the work range, in order to avoid danger.

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SMARTROOF METAL ROOF as an important part of the roof, its installation and connection with the steel frame or roof frame, purlin and roof panel bearing has a direct relationship. If you just follow the installer's fantasy installation, but no practical applicability is not acceptable. So in order to let users better understand its installation and connection mode, in different bearing roof should choose which way?



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