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What are the types of SMARTROOF METAL ROOF
Time: 2022-08-24

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SMARTROOF METAL ROOF Foam is an organic material, which has the characteristics of heat insulation, light weight and easy installation. In recent years, the use of more widely, color steel plate is not easy to burn, to meet the fire requirements.

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SMARTROOF METAL ROOF Rock wool SMARTROOF METAL ROOF is a new type of fireproof plate with the strongest fire resistance in color steel plate series. It is made of natural rocks, blast furnace iron slag and other high temperature melting into wire, after curing molding. Rock wool color steel plate meets the second-class fire protection requirements of clean workshop, and is the most ideal structural decorative plate for indoor ceiling and house construction. It has a fire resistance of 600℃, and the fire resistance grade reaches the standard. It's polystyrene and there's nothing like polyurethane. Its core material is unburnable rock wool.

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Polyurethane SMARTROOF METAL ROOF is composed of upper and lower color steel plate and intermediate foaming polyurethane. It is one of the most widely used building materials in the current construction industry. It has good heat preservation, heat insulation and sound insulation effects.



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