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What effect does coating method have on SMARTROOF METAL ROOF maintenance
Time: 2022-11-11

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The coating method is usually not as effective as the long-term corrosion protection method, so it is used for indoor steel structures or outdoor steel structures that are relatively easy to maintain. It is low cost once, but high maintenance when used in the field. The first step in the coating process is to remove rust. Excellent coating depends on complete derusting. Therefore, the coating with high demand is usually used to sand blast SMARTROOF METAL ROOF to remove rust, reveal the luster of the metal, and remove all rust and oil.

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The coating of the site construction can be used to remove rust from the SMARTROOF METAL ROOF. The choice of coating should consider the surrounding environment. Different coatings have different tolerance to different corrosion conditions. The coating is usually divided into primer (layer) and top coat (layer). Primer contains more powder, less base material. Rough film forming, strong adhesion with steel, good bonding with finish paint.

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The topcoat has more base material, glossy film, can maintain the primer is not corroded by the atmosphere, and can resist weathering. There is a question of compatibility between different coatings, before and after the selection of different coatings should pay attention to their compatibility. SMARTROOF METAL ROOF shall have appropriate temperature (between 5 and 38℃) and humidity (relative humidity is not more than 85%).



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