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What is the full content of three paints of SMARTROOF METAL ROOF
Time: 2022-10-30

industrial metal roofing

The bottom coating is painted on the joint of SMARTROOF METAL ROOF 10 to 20 cm wide position, to be uniform, the thickness of the same, and then check whether there is cavitation, if there is to repair, and then you can carry out the next process.

Surface coating using tile board special polymer waterproof paint, paint brush for brushing, uniform brushing, no falling. After brushing the thickness of 0.3mm.

tile profile roofing sheets

The coating is to brush the waterproof coating on the polyester non-woven cloth covered in SMARTROOF METAL ROOF, the thickness should be uniform, the thickness of the coating should be controlled at about 0.4mm. After the surface is dry, you can try to touch the surface with your hand to see if it is sticky. If you do not touch the hand, you can brush the surface.

Why don't we use plastic roofs?

This is all the content of the three coating, so I believe that you can also see that the construction operation for SMARTROOF METAL ROOF construction quality is indeed plays a very key role, so in the construction operation, we must carefully operate, so as to avoid the possibility of affecting the construction quality of one cloth and three coating because of improper operation.



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