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Whether the repair of SMARTROOF METAL ROOF conforms to the relevant basic elements
Time: 2022-11-19

agricultural metal roofing

When installing SMARTROOF METAL ROOF coil, the construction starts from the downhill direction of water. The vertical wall is paved from the height to the bottom. The air is removed, and the air in the roll is squeezed out along with the roll, so that the roll is firmly bonded. When the temperature is low, the base and the coil should be simultaneously coated with the base treatment. The long side of the lap of the coil is 3cm-8cm, and the short side is 10cm. Exposed coil short edge lap, coil end and opposite parts, should be sealed by sealing paste. The end of the coiled wall is fixed in the reserved groove with metal strips in principle, and then sealed with sealing paste.

plastic tile effect roofing sheets

When repairing SMARTROOF METAL ROOF, we must pay attention to whether the repair conforms to the relevant basic elements, and then proceed to the next construction operation, so as to better ensure the repair quality of the product.

Can plastic be used for roofing?

The ROOF laid by SMARTROOF METAL ROOF is not only beautiful in appearance, but also very good in use. But the premise of all this is the right arrangement, because the way the tiles are arranged needs to be determined by the construction of the building.



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