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Time: 2022-10-02

industrial metal roofing

After the resin is exposed to the sun, it will produce odor and sound. Why is SMARTROOF PVC HOLLOW ROOF TILE so popular? Because this tile has the advantage of green environmental protection. The ASA engineering resin used for the tile surface is not only used in the field of roofing shingles and automobile shell production, but also widely used in bathroom and sanitary products, cold and hot water exchangers, etc., which indicates that ASA has corrosion resistance to cleaners.

synthetic resin roofing sheet

Through data comparison, it can be seen that the thermal conductivity function of SMARTROOF PVC HOLLOW ROOF TILE is not inferior to that of ordinary ROOF TILE. And because the ASA film on the surface of the tile is relatively smooth, it can reflect off part of the sun's rays, so the heat absorbed by the roof is lower than other roof tiles.

upvc roof tile

The ROOF of the house for us to shelter from the wind and rain, in the construction process of SMARTROOF PVC HOLLOW ROOF TILE waterproof treatment is particularly important, waterproof is in the wall and ROOF, is also in all need of waterproof treatment of the flat facade at the intersection of the waterproof treatment. So SMARTROOF PVC HOLLOW ROOF TILE in the construction of waterproof should pay attention to what matters?



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